Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sprout Change {Review & Giveaway} Ends 1/13


Quick Summery: Sprout Change-a one-size AI2 that fits from 5lbs-45lbs. Made in the USA by a WAHM who has a child with Down syndrome. Hidden adjustments for a true one-size diaper.

Sprout Change is a one-size diaper with hidden adjustments. It fits from 5 - 40 pounds, although I honestly think it will fit most children up to 45 pounds. When we first started using cloth, I thought a AI2 meant a PUL cover (that you could wipe out) and a insert. With most other AI2's that we've tried that hasn't been the case. We've successfully wiped out the cover and used it again.

Pros: truly re-usable; doubles as a swim diaper; reversible-different colors to go with different outfits; fits a larger child; excellent price; holds diarrhea well.

Cons: insert doesn't seem to work as well for a larger child; would be easier to adjust the button settings if there was numbers.

An additional thing that we thought of was that the cost savings would be even greater if the cover was reversible for boy/girl or solid/print.

On the newborn setting:

On the Walker/Potty setting: (with a Super Saver and a BabyKicks hemp insert)
Since starting cloth, I've had my top two favorite diapers for traveling. Sprout Change tops them both. It's so much easier to dump the wet prefold or insert into the wetbag and lay in a new one. Definitely saves on diaper space too. Which is wonderful, since we can really use up space!

Many stores carry The Willow Store products, but I hope to see many more carrying them in 2011. If J decides he's ever interested in potty-training, we'll definitely look into training pants. As well as the waist extenders! y

Catherine has offered one(1) Happily Southern reader Sprout Change Starter Kit. 

Giveaway ends January 13th, 2011
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A big THANK YOU to The Willow Store for providing the giveaway and review items! We were not compensated in any other way and the statements within this post are our own and honest opinions.


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