Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Diaper Measurements???

As the event finishes up, I'm working on a post with measurements for different diapers. And I need your help. I've only tried so many diapers and while I've gotten most of the measurements for them, there are so many more out there that I don't have the measurements for.

So... here's the deal. Measure your diapers, you'll find instructions for how to measure them here, and send me the measurements {happilysouthernreviews at gmail.com} and you can have 20 extra entries to put in one giveaway or divide up and put in several. I'm looking for lots of different diapers and if you can include any info on how the diaper worked for you that would be great also. So measure away mamas!

One more thing, what are your favorite fitteds, prefolds and covers to use? I'm looking into getting J some more since his rash seems to clear up and stay away longer when he wears them and am interested in your thoughts.... I also heard during tonight's #clothdiapers chat that Bummis has discontinued their polar bummi, so if you're interested in getting some, you'll need to hurry.


Susan said...

I'm measuring the Cow Patties OS AI2 that I borrowed.
Thigh unstretched -- 8in,
Waist unstretched-- 15in,
Rise unstretched--13in,
I'm thinking this may be one of the smaller OS diapers. It seems to fit very snugly on my smallish 20 lb year old little guy.

autumn13 said...

okay here you go! I only have covers and three. We are doing this part time and I'm try to move us to AIO full time!

Bummi Original Med
Side: 8in
Stretched: 13in
Waist: 13.5in
Stretched: 23in
Rise: 12.5in
Stretched: 16in

The bummi on my DD has a low rise. It always seems like there is some peeking out the back or a little out the front!! but it works for now.

Okay these two are one-size covers.
so when I did the rise I did it on the smallest setting and the stretched on the biggest. Let me know if thats wrong!

Mama Bear Babywaer (homemade)
Side: 7in
Stretched: 14in
Waist: 13.5in
Stretched: 23in
Rise: 11in
Stretched: 17in

Thirsties Duo Wrap Size Two
Side: 6in
Stretched: 10in
Waist: 17.5in
Stretched: 27.5in
Rise: 13in
Stretched: 18in

Hope this helps!!


Heidi said...

I sent you the measurements.