Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fluffdom Express: Sizing: what it means and how to do it

These are your basic instructions on how to measure your child. Yes, it was late when we videoed and J was not wanting to cooperate, except for when another sister was demonstrating!

and... basic instructions for how to measure your diapers to get the size.

I hope this will help you understand what the measurements are in each diaper review and giveaway post. Having a larger child with special needs means that they will need diapers longer than a regular child. Sometimes, diaper companies will post the sizing for their diapers, but oftentimes they won't.

One Size diapers aren't hard to size. Just follow the basic instructions in the video above, but make sure you snap the OS down to the smallest setting. For aplix or velcro diapers, cross the tabs when you measure the waist.

Leave a comment with something you learned from the videos and you can snag yourself 3 extra entries into the giveaways posted this week.

Do you still have questions? email us!

***extra entries alert!***


Lisa said...

I learned that you should have your child wear a diaper when taking their measurements.
lisar79 at msn dot com

Anonymous said...

I learned how to take the measurements on both child and diaper. :) Thanks!

audrey.murray_26 at yahoo dot com

The Jacobsen Family! said...

Can I say "ditto" to The 3am Cloth Diaper Mama?? LOL! As you know, I had NO IDEA how to measure a diaper (or child for that matter!)! Now I do! Thanks! =)

fancygrlnancy said...

I learned that J is a sweetie and just needs hugs to get his measurements.. LOL jk

I learned that you need to measure from back to front with the diaper on to get the childs measurements.. didn't know that. Thanks!

Susan said...

I learned that you should have your child wear a diaper when you measure them. J is so sweet!!!
You did a great job with the videos!
fourseasonsfarm at windstream dot net

Anonymous said...

:) Ive awarded you!! Come see!

Anonymous said...

I learned that to properly measure a child's size, have them wear a diaper

Katie S said...

I learned that when measuring a diaper you should measure it first unstretched and then strecthed. some diapers are going to be a lot stretchier than others os this could make a big difference! thanks. I've always relied on weight estimates for choosing diaper sizes, and now I know how to follow measurements for sizing and this will be more accurate, I think.