Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wee Why, Meeeee?

Gorilla Playsets - BRMSS - Blue Ridge Mountaineer Swing Set
Gorilla Playsets - Blue Ridge Mountaineer Swing Set

Just the other day, we were going to town for J's speech therapy appointment and J asked if we were going to 'wee why' (swing slide). J loves swing sets, so he often asks to go. At our local library, there is a park just across the parking lot and we try to make it out there to play sometimes. The slide is the biggest hit for J. The little girls usually head for the swings and race to see who gets highest first.

CSN Stores has some great swing sets. J sat on my lap while I was browsing the website and 'Ooo'd and Ah'd' at all the slides.
Gorilla Playsets - Big Skye I Swing Set 
This play set looks great. Especially with the covered slide. It also offers the opportunity for J to build his gross motor skills with the rock wall and rope ladder. 

What's your favorite swing set? Do your children like going to the park to play?

sponsored by CSN Stores.