Saturday, November 13, 2010


 I'm not sure what to title this post, except for random... J aka Bonzo (if you seen Bedtime for Bonzo and you know what mischief Bonzo gets into... that's the type J's been getting into this last week) is having surgery Monday. His g-tube that he got 4 1/2 years ago, when he was 18 months, is finally coming out for good. Lord willing, of course.

But.... Someone has a sense of humor. I am NOT a morning person. So yesterday, surgery called to say... 'showtime is 6:30am'. What fun. [sigh] We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and returning sometime Monday afternoon. I still don't have anything planned for meals. I need something that is easy, portable, gluten, dairy, sweetener (except for fruit), pork and soy free. Oh, and we need to have the ingredients. Any ideas? :-)

Santa Claus with the youngest three.
Last week, J, C, and B got pictures with a friend who is also a Santa Claus. I stayed home to make dinner and play catch-up in the laundry room with my other sister.

J got into a king size Sharpie marker today and colored a 5' x 2.5' area on our parents' bedroom wall. He signed his art with a flourish. Z after Zorro. If he could have found a stool, he'd probably have decorated higher up on the wall. Sounds like painting will be in order.

Tonight I'm sitting up washing diapers (because I'm planning on taking our new diapers from Wee Bonnie Botts that she customized for J. They are WONDERFUL diapers. I ♥ bamboo!), baking 2- 9x13 and a 4-5 quart pan of brown rice, and a 16 qt pot of corn for masa. Moong beans are on the counter sprouting for stir-fry on Monday. And the 19- 2lb packs of ground venison in the freezer are part of the evidence of what I got done today. Now, if this aggravating cough would just go away and stay away.

Yesterday evening, I made a dessert, a variation on buttered rum baked apples that stayed within our current dietary restrictions. I suppose the proper name would be coconut bourbon baked apples. Because you make do with what you have or you do without. They turned out delicious, but there are still some changes to be made before we call it done.

I just noticed that there have been 15151 page views on this blog... I know, totally random. ;-)

You know, I think hamburgers, green beans, gingerbread cake, sauteed onions, and blueberries with coconut milk will do just fine for the trip. Now to mix up Sunday breakfast: pumpkin pie custard. Yumm.