Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cloth Diapering.... #FAIL???

Is it a #Fail when you don't bring enough cloth diapers to last you through an unexpected overnight stay at the hospital? So tell me. Was it?

J had his g-tube out on the 15th and I was thinking we'd be home that night. It was around 9ish, when his surgeon came out to tell us he was done. Then he said that J would need stronger antibiotics than he was previously anticipating. (Oops... forgot about those.) We could give him the antibiotics at home OR we could stay overnight and get IV antibiotics that wouldn't give him a diaper rash.
He also mentioned that J had a bad diaper rash. I was surprised since it looked excellent that morning. In fact, when I changed his diaper after surgery, it looked even better than it had that morning. So, that was a bad diaper rash?!?

We didn't have enough diapers for the entire stay and used pull-ups. It turned out good, since J decided that if you can't eat, apple juice works. He drank approx. 20-4oz boxes of juice Monday afternoon/evening.

We arrived home late Tuesday and guess what??? Yep, J has yet another diaper rash! I wonder what his surgeon would think of this one.