Monday, October 18, 2010

Fluff Baby Home: a guest post by Crystal Biehl

Hannah has been so kind in letting me share with you all a little about Fluff Baby Home and our upcoming "Dream Cloth Diaper Package" raffle! 
About Fluff Baby Home:
I have been hosting giveaways each week as a way to try and raise money for my brother and sister-in-law's international adoption from Africa.  I decided to reach out to the cloth diapering community because they are going to cloth diaper their little boy! (That's right! They are adopting a little boy!)  You might wonder how I can raise money by giving things away! Well, if you donate just 1 dollar, you get 25 extra entries into all the Fluff Baby Home giveaways.  If you donate $5 or more, you get 50 extra entries into all the giveaways!! So far, we have raised a little over 300 dollars.  This is great! The kindness of strangers has been inspiring and humbling. So many of my sponsors have connections to adoptions and/or Africa! It's been such a neat experience!
Since it is getting closer to our goal's end date (December 31), I decided to add a little something extra to try and draw in more donations...And I think it's pretty fabulous if you ask me Winking smile emoticon
About the Raffle:
I am currently building a Dream Cloth Diaper package that I am going to raffle off on my blog! Mandatory Entry will be a 5 dollar donation.  Let me tell you, the package is AWESOME! Already, there are 19 diapers in the package--including Nifty Nappy, Bumgenius, gDiaper, FuzziBunz, Applecheeks, Happy Heinys...the list goes on and on! Besides diapers, there's also going to be cloth diapering accessories!!  Check it out here
How Can You Help?
Spread the word!! We have a button you can grab and post on your wall:

 Blog, tweet, Facebook about it! It's such a good cause.  And I know it would be AMAZING if we could raise $2,000--but honestly, every little bit helps when you have a $30,000 adoption on your plate!

So, think about it--tell your friends, family, church groups....and let's fluff this baby home!

Thank you Crystal for sharing about Fluff Baby Home with us. I truly hope that you will more than exceed your goal to help bring baby home.

You can also find Crystal at and earn extra entries into the Bouncing Woolies giveaway and another giveaway coming up this week by.

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