Friday, September 3, 2010

Unscramble the Words game

This week has gone by fast and I've hardly been on the computer. I usually use our laptop, since I have all the pictures for reviews on it. But on Monday, it was running slow and I decided that I should probably restart it. Unfortunately it didn't restart and now, I'm using our desktop computer which runs very slowly. And, so I've not been on except for Tuesday and Thursday nights. I've not been on Facebook at all, so if you write on my wall, I'll respond via email.

I wanted to offer you all some extra entries and since I won't be on to do twitter/facebook trivia. I asked Nancy from Arizona Mama if she could help me out. She very graciously said yes!

1ealcieesn sdp
4p adtcohelsri
7tonli a wl
8on i aelnl
9seffxrm fpseodul

After you've unscrambled the words, send your answers by email to fancygrlnancy aka Arizona Mama. And remember spelling is important!!!! I won't close the giveaways ending this Saturday till this Monday, so you'll have till Sunday night to send your answers to her. There is one other requirement though. You MUST leave a comment on this post if you unscramble the words.

If you unscramble the words correctly, you'll get 10 extra entries into each giveaway currently open!

Happy Unscrambling!!! and have a great weekend!


Chany said...

I unscrambled the words! :o)

The Jacobsen Family! said...

AND I missed it again! LOL! Out of town for the weekend. Oh well... =)
Hope you are all doing well!! HUGS!