Saturday, August 28, 2010

Unscramble the Words game

Can you unscramble these words?

eny aiHsHppy

alrhannCaBie a


pBinaabyS p



Ptlseiae nW

sseEennercohrN t

taoes errBftiB eb

t aoeGrnceirgMh

l u iuuthlff Fn'eLs

u oNctsE

o'Siapherl sCa

sn BuicloeiWgnoo

eilBh gGstirceg

Can you unscramble the words? If you can unscramble them, email your answers to me and if you got them all right, you'll get 10 extra entries into each giveaway ending tonight. Depending on how many people unscramble the words and email the answers, I'll pick a few by random and they'll get another 10 entries into the giveaway of their choice.

BUT, this extra entry opportunity ends at 11:30 pm EST. So, hurry and figure out the words.