Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Missing comments and extra entries

Yesterday, a friend messaged me on facebook to see if I knew why comments with twitter statuses were disappearing. I didn't and she graciously spent some time with me to see if we could figure out what was happening. The same thing happened to me also when I tried re-posting one of her tweets from earlier.

I changed comments settings so that all comments will be moderated and this morning, your comments with twitter statuses have show up. For those who tweeted yesterday, please don't add in your tweets that didn't show up. But...

As a way of saying I'm sorry this happened, you may get another 5 entries into each giveaway. Just say "twitter oops extra entry" so I'll be able to count them when I go to draw a winner.

Thanks for understanding!



So glad it wasn't just my blog affected, I was really worried. I told one entrant to enter "Monday Mishap" and she would receive 5 extra entries per giveaway. Thanks for posting about this issue because now I see that a lot of people were affected and I will post about it so that everyone get's their extra entries. Thanks for posting about it.