Friday, July 2, 2010


This sweet little guy has been very needy lately! His diaper rash had cleared up and he was running around and playing... till about five days ago. He started grabbing his diaper and we first thought he was constipated. But we kept track of what he was drinking and that wasn't the problem. It seems he got a UTI. We made a late night visit to the pediatricians on Monday and decided that if we could keep him comfortable and clear it up with cranberry juice and avoid antibiotics, we'd be doing good. The UTI is clearing up, but the next night, he had diarrhea! Now, he has the worst diaper rash he's had yet. So, that's my excuse for being missing in action here!

On a slightly amusing note, I took a nap this afternoon and J pooped. So, his daddy changed his diaper. When I woke up, he mentioned that he'd changed J's diaper and put California Baby on his bottom and used a liner. I went to change his diaper later... and noticed that the liner???? well, it was a microfiber insert!

Don't forget to get your extra entries in for the cloth diaper event in August. Less than a month away! We're both looking forward to sharing what we've found with you all!