Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lulu's in the Fluff {Review}

Zippity Doo Dah! in a glass jar in the laundry room.

These diapers ran two wash/rinse cycles before I moved them from the washer to the tub.
and I used about 2 1/2 tablespoons of Lulu's in the glamour sleep.

First hour.
second hour...

third hour...

This picture is from the next diaper load we did. It was late and I thought I'd try agitating it with sticks to see if I could get more out. I used warm water, 2 tablespoons of Lulu's and agitated it for about 15 minutes... The picture above is the result. UGH!

I'm really pleased with the end result of the diapers. We were having repelling issues from the the diaper ointments we were using and after doing the glamour sleep on all the diapers, I've only had 2 out of 35 diapers repelling liquids. Today, it didn't take as many rinses for the diapers to smell 'clean' and I didn't notice that lingering ammonia smell after washing and rinsing.

I didn't see a big difference in the inserts or diapers looking whiter, but that's not a big deal to me. We also got a scented version and if you smell it in the bag, it is overpowering. But after using on the diapers, I didn't really notice any scent.

Before we tried Lulu's, I'd stripped the diapers and then boiled the diapers and neither did any thing to help with the repelling problem. So I'm happy with the end result and everyone else is happy that they don't have to clean up the leaks anymore. :)

Will I get more Lulu's in the Fluff? Absolutely! and I can't wait to try the different scents, too!

Disclosure: We purchased Lulu's in the Fluff to try and received no compensation for this review... It is however, our honest opinion of the product!


fancygrlnancy said...

So glad this helped you! I want to try some Lulu's too..

BraydonsMom said...

WOW! I can't believe the diapers in that last pic were supposed to be clean! No matter how many times I see it in action, I'm always amazed at the results!
SO glad that Lulu's is working so well for you!

ConradsSpot said...

We love our lulus too. We used rockin green and they made our diapers stink more. One soak in lulus and they were like new again! Glad it worked for you!

Erin said...

Wow, that's amazing!!! Looks like you're going to have some really clean diapers!

Magan M said...

I also use Lulus because no matter what detergent I used I had build up issues. It got bad to where the diapers were leaking and smelly. A friend of mine told me she used Lulus and actually sold me one of her bags. I have used it several times no build up at all and I actually have started to use it on my clothes!

Chany said...

Wow!! That is amazing!


I love my Lulu's!!!