Friday, June 4, 2010

The Diaper Diaries: Day Four

J has done very well today. He hasn't need extra pain meds at all today and went for a couple rides in the wheelchair! His big thing today has been 'Home'... We would pick him up and he would sign 'Home'. "Sorry baby, we can't go home yet... you need to do this, this and that." and J would sweetly say "oh!"
We changed J from a hospital gown to his favorite shirt. He was so excited to see the ducky on it! The Child Life Specialist here stopped by this morning and said she was going to bring by a surprise later. She came back a little later with a super soft green blanket that J has apparently decided to take with him everywhere!
We also hung up J's Safari animals from Fandangling on the bed and IV pole. J loves having them near and twirling them around by the ribbon!


He used Happy Heinys, Thirsties Fab Fitted and AppleCheeks today.

I was kind of wishing that the Happy Heinys had leg gussets. Especially since now things are moving through, his stool is pretty liquid-y. However, with the aplix tabs the Happy Heinys are excellent to use over his incisions.

We washed diapers last night and I was really disappointed to see that the Thirsties Fab Fitted aplix tabs stuck to the AppleCheeks diapers and we got a bunch of fuzzies when we pulled the aplix tabs off the AppleCheeks. I haven't had a single problem with the Happy Heinys laundry tabs and that makes me wish that the laundry tabs for the Thirsties Fab Fitted were bigger.

He's in a AppleCheeks diaper for tonight. I particularly love the AppleCheeks since I know that if he has liquid-y stool it won't go out the sides of the diaper and make a mess. His nurse tonight loved the Bummas and the Happy Heinys print diaper (Silly Monkeys). She was impressed that we were using cloth diapers and wipes for J.

What's come in helpful for us today:

The Aplix tabs of the Happy Heinys (allowing us to keep it loose for J)

Bummas (cleaning around the foley catheter gently)

AppleCheeks (keeping the mess in the diaper and still allowing us to keep it loose enough for J)

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you for all the prayers and please keep them coming!