Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Diaper Diaries: Day Five

The Diaper Diaries

J rockin' his Happy Heinys pocket diaper. (in Silly Monkeys print). He got the okay to start eating and is currently watching Zorro and eating a whole hamburger patty! He is one happy boy... but he still maintains his desire for "pretzels, bowl, please"!

We took J down to the garden here at the hospital. He enjoyed the fresh air and throwing pennies in the fountain! He was tired though by the time we got back to the room and slept for a couple hours.

Some of the clowns here at the hospital stopped by again and blew bubbles for J. We heard from J's nurse today that there is a small chance that J could be release late tomorrow night or early Monday. So we are 'kind of' excited here.

Today he wore: Happy Heinys and FuzziBunz Perfect Size.

What came in helpful for us:

Deo-discs (which we put in the wet bags to keep down the odors)

Wet bags (I don't know what we'd do without a wet bag and one with a handle to hang on the door handle.)

I do have a question for the moms who use a wet bag: Do you have problems with the handle webbing pulling out of the seam?

The drs are planning to cap J's epidural tomorrow morning and we'll see if we can keep his pain under control with oral meds. Then we should be able to get rid of his catheter (which J dislikes).

Please pray that everything will go smoothly with the epidural capping and that we'll be able to take the catheter out. Thank you for all the prayers for J. We really appreciate them!


fancygrlnancy said...

J looks so relaxed and comfortable in the happy heiny! CUte